Wednesday, 28 March 2012

"Hungry for Change"

Wow.   THIS.

I would highly recommend that anyone watch this movie.  Its like "The Secret" for health.  One of those movies that you watch over and over to remind yourself of simple facts.

Seriously, go now, WATCH!! I would love to have some feedback on what other people thought!!


  1. sadly I just found this with little time to spare before work but i saw the trailer and it looks great, bookmarked it for tonight! Thanks for sharing megan!

  2. I'm not sure.. I'm skeptical of anything that is presented as the ultimate truth. I will watch it though, because it definitely can't hurt :)

    1. Myself as well. I don't think any one thing is "IT" I was pretty excited about this documentary when I made this post so it probably came off a little over the top, but I do like a lot of the points and suggesions they had to make. To me it seemed to be in-line with many things I am already working on so not drastic for me at all. Some suggestions from it I will take and use and others I won't.

  3. It tends to push juicing big time which i'm sure is as beneficial as they say but I'm still not quite on that bandwagon. I did like some of the other info presented though, when he talked about "starving" on a cellular level because your body isn't getting what it wants is eye opening. I used to be able to eat TONS of crap and still get hungry an hour later.. i guess its not rocket science but sometimes hearing it explained in the right context is the light bulb moment :)


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