Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Some days are just "Meh".

Wait... Did I say days?  I meant more like weeks, or even months.

I'm in the last week of Push Phase in Chalean Extreme.  This month of Push Phase has been a doozie.  Now that I think back and remember, February really wasn't awesome either. I wouldn't say these last two months were complete failures, in fact they were successes, but I have been struggling more that I had been previously.  I would love to just have a solid month to re-gain some confidence and momentum to help set me up for my 30th birthday goal.  "199 by 30"

I also want to feel like THIS again. Pumped beyond normal language!  I will get there, oh yes, I will get there.  I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and dance outside my comfort zone, and eventually I will get my groove back!

I am going to give myself until the end of this week and then I need to re-focus, re-commit, and get my energy and enthusiasm back!

Step One: Make a Plan

-By the end of this week I will have a complete meal plan for April.
-For the month of April I will drink 100oz of water per day (4x my water bottle)
-I will print out my April workout schedule

I need to kick myself in the bum and get back into a good head space.  By planning out my month, I eliminate many excuses because I will be prepared

Step Two: Follow the Plan

This is the part of the plan that is the MOST important.  I need to follow my plan.   It's the last month of Chalean Extreme (Lean Phase) and I really want to make it count and see some big improvements.  


  1. Danielle aka PixiesX328 March 2012 at 19:37

    YOU can DO this! Even when you don't feel like it, you do DO it! Even when challenges arise, you kick back into gear!!! You sooooo have this!

    And some days/weeks/months can be "meh". Oh, I so agree! But that is the way life goes! Eventually the "woohoo!!" and all would be "meh" if it were everyday!

    Enjoy those successes! Keep plodding along if you must! You continue to head in the correct direction and making a plan keeps you on that path!


    1. Thank you!! You always have something motivating to say.

  2. It's the work that you do when you least feel like doing it that you can be most proud of! You are rocking it :)

    1. Yes!! I was looking for that quote something about when motivation ends determination takes over. That's where I'm at!


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