Friday, 9 March 2012

Reward or Moderation

I've always said on here I share the good the bad and the ugly. Some people may view this as "Ugly", but this is what I'm doing, and I'm putting it out there. 

Today I am going to enjoy a burger.  This is not just any burger.  Before I started this journey one of my favourite meals was the BC (Bacon Cheddar) Big Burger at our local WhiteSpot accompanied by Zoo sticks, and a milk-shake.  I would probably have this meal once a month.  

When I first made my lifestyle change my girlfriend and I were looking up how many calories we used to eat when we would go out, or even just on an average day. I looked up my WhiteSpot meal mentioned above and it was somewhere around 2000 calories. The burger alone is 1054, then the zoo sticks are 450, and the shake is around 600.  Seeing as we were just starting the couch to 5k program, I said "The only way I'll burn enough calories to eat that is if I run 10k!".  

Ever since, I have said that when I run 10k, I will enjoy this meal again. Well I ran my 10k almost two weeks ago, and we haven't been able to get together until tonight. SO! Tonight I will have my BC Burger and Zoo Sticks (fried zucchini), and enjoy every bite (I'm not going to have the milk-shake). I would have it after my 10k but schedule-wise it just doesn't work out.  I will however, be completing my Chalene workout after my meal tonight, and probably some time on the treadmill to ensure it fits into my calories. 

Some people may view this as rewarding myself with food, sure I can see that.  I look at it like this. My life now is becoming much more balanced.  I don't have ANY food that is off limits at all.  When I choose to have foods that are high in calories, I now try to balance that by eating lower calorie, nutritionally dense foods during the rest of the day, and exercising. Sometimes even then it's ok to be over once in a while because I have many more days where I have stuck to my calorie goal or even stayed below it to even it all out.  The fact that I have not had this meal in 6-7 months is huge for me to celebrate, and realistically I will not have it again for even longer!

So there you have it... Megan's going to eat a Big Burger!  


  1. I don't see a problem with rewarding yourself everyonce in a while and it is awesome that you have refrained for that long. Some people would say you shouldn't reward yourself with food but I don't see it as a problem

  2. Danielle aka PixiesX311 March 2012 at 10:11

    I think it is great. And I get that you aren't rewarding yourself with food or celebrating an accomplishment. You are enjoying something that you enjoy eating... in moderation. So good for you!
    It bugs me when others looking in on our journeys say things like, "Oh you can't have this!" or "That food is off-limits!" Bleh... nothing is off-limits. I choose TO eat or NOT TO eat a food.
    So again. GOOOD FOR YOUUUU!


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