Monday, 19 March 2012

Battles of Weight-loss

For some people weight-loss is straight forward. Its simple and easy and all they need to do is simply eat less and move more.

Those people piss me off make me jealous!

My current status is "back on track" and I'm feeling pretty good about it.  I have an excellent day planned out today.  Check out my super fantastic lunch salad!

I also plan on having Shepard's Pie for dinner followed by my new favorite: greek yogurt with peanut butter, bananas, french vanilla splenda and graham grackers. 

Anyhow.  For most of us losing and maintaining weight is a constant battle, no lets make that WAR. Yes a war with many smaller battles.  My battle last week "Storm week" was a challenging one, one which I lost.  When I look back at my food diary on MFP, I can tell the battle was brewing before I even realized.  I had started eating treats more often, just fitting them into my calories, and slacking here and there with food prep and will-power.  

All I can do now, is prepare myself for the next battle by gaining momentum and getting back to the basics again.  Healthy foods, exercise, and will-power.  

The last time I lost a battle that bad was December.  I had 3 weeks total where I was very hit-or-miss with my food intake.  A few days before new years I was able to re-focus and get back on track.  

Weight-loss isn't always easy, its not always straight-forward, and you really have to fight for it. You'll have to take unplanned hits in the face, and brush the dirt off and keep going, you may need to take time-off or call in more supporters, you might lose 10 battles in a row, but in the end, you'll win if you keep fighting. 

I'm in battle-mode bitches.  Bring it on!

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