Thursday, 8 March 2012


Ugh! I have been battling my plantars since early December.  It's really not fun.  Any day that I'm on my feet a lot, specifically walking, I end up in a world of pain afterwards.

I got a night-brace thing to wear, and it helps usually.  One of the worst parts of dealing with plantar fasciitis it getting out of bed in the morning and when I don't wear my brace, my feet scream at me!

I ice them when they get sore.  Like right now, I got back from a 9.6k walk and iced both feet.  It KILLS!  I know its for the best but seriously I can't wait to recover from this.

It's interesting when I think about it though.  I used to take advantage of injuries. I would use them as a valid excuse to stop working out. Now my thinking has changed.  Now, instead of not working out, I at least attempt to find a way to work out.

Its a huge NSV for me because its just shows me all the time how far I've come and gets me excited for what I am going to accomplish in the future!!


  1. Danielle aka PixiesX38 March 2012 at 21:36

    Megan, I don't envy you that pain. I had it once and it finally went away but I cannot remember how long it took.
    You are doing awesome with your dedication! Every time I wake up and feel like I'm not going to make the choice to workout, I think about you and your passion for running and your DVDs! <3 You are my inspiration!

    1. Thank you!! You always have the best things to say and motivate me even more!! I am so proud of you for all that you do, and you do it despite some pretty challenging things! <3

  2. Ouch I had plantar fasciitis for years up until last year. the only thing that fixed it was orthotics but they over corrected my knee and threw that out creating a different problem. Dont let it get you down. best thing in the morning I found was to have some thing handy like a towel that I could stretch the foot before I stood up. Good luck with it.


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