Thursday, 15 March 2012

Picking myself up one piece at a time.

I've been quiet this week.  Not super proud of my week, but I am getting back on track so I feel like I can talk about it more.

Monday was a horrible day of food choices, no ChaLEAN, but I walked.

Tuesday was bad, but actually an improvement from Monday, and I walked.

Wednesday, although I made some poor choices, I ended up staying close to my calorie goal (and under when exercise calories are considered), and did 2 strength workouts and a big walk.

Today is Thursday, and I will be under calories, and get my workout in again. I'm just not "prepared" or eating as many fruits and veggies as I normally like because of my lack of preparation. I haven't had the resources to get all my groceries since Monday, so I will finally get some tonight!  Today is going pretty good, aside from the donut I just ate.

I plan to be 100% by tomorrow, meaning good choices, and sticking to my exercise plan.

Its hard to recover from a BIG fall.  I also realized today what may have helped me make those bad choices.
We were tight on money, and unable to prepare well.  Power went out and my whole routine got put out of whack which created anxiety.  Also (TMI) Tom will be in town shortly so I'm guessing my will-power was on a low.  One of the keys to my success so far is being well prepared diet-wise and sticking to my schedule.

I'm going to write this one off as one of those very infrequent happenings that will not be a part of daily challenges for me.  Today I'm doing ok, and tomorrow I will be doing GREAT again!  Now to flush all this sodium out of my system!

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