Saturday, 24 March 2012

Good week! (Weekly Recap)


4 runs (10k, 5k, 5k, 5k)
3 Lifting workouts
2 walks

565 Total minutes of exercise
4266 total calories burned through exercise!




This week I added one run to my workouts.  They went really well.

I need new workout gear, but every time I go and look, I get intimidated.  I'm right between a 16-18 right now, which is pretty close to the "normal" sized section, and I'm nervous to shop in it.  I have a phobia that I will go try on the clothes and they won't fit me.  Like my clothes have been playing a joke on me or something.  I've been shopping in the plus section for 5 years and I'm pretty used to it.  It's not that I want to continue shopping there, but I would like to feel confident in my size. I feel like my waist it still too big.  Its driving me CRAZY!


I ran a PB (Personal Best) in my 5k run this week, 36.14.  I am so excited with this!  Since December I have taken 2min and 16sec of my 5k time.  One day I would like to be able to run it in less than 30min!

I stayed in the green with my food all week which is a HUGE improvement from last week!!

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  1. Get your ass to the shop now :D How will you ever know if you don't!! Either way it'll will be good...they fit yay and if they don't....go back and work hard till they do! :D You can do it!!! and hell yeah to your personal best!


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