Saturday, 10 March 2012

First week of Push Phase (Weekly Recap)


3 runs
5 walks
3 ChaLEAN lifting workouts
7 planks

650 minutes of exercise!
4593 calories burned through exercise!


2280 cals  (Spa brunch)
1810 cals
1896 cals
1860 cals
1771 cals
2434 cals  (Big Burger night)
1783 cals


I started Push phase of ChaLEAN this week!  I'm going to need to invest in a few heavier weights next week.  You are supposed to lift heavy so that you fail between 6-8 reps. For the most part it was great but I can tell there are a few lifts that I should have heavier weights for.  Overall I am still loving it! Muscle is good stuff!!

I was challenged at the spa again.  I feel like I did SO MUCH BETTER.  Last time I beat my self up a bit for eating too much and felt like crap all week.  THIS time I made sure to get my run in that morning, and I had planned ahead what I was going to eat. Unfortunately they were serving a different menu and what I wanted was not available and I panicked and had the buffet.  Between my run and not being hungry enough to eat much later on, I was able to move forward this week without letting it hang over my head!


This week I rocked my workout minutes without feeling burnt out!   I guess that's what walking can do. I didn't do the ChaLEAN cardio again because of my running.

On my MFP weekly recap it calculates net calories, so it compares your actual food intake to your calorie goal and then subtracts your calories burned through exercise.  Days you were under are green, and days you were over are red.  Red days are not good!  My goal this week, even though I had a couple higher intake days, was to have 0 red days!  I did it!  Also I created the biggest deficit I've had in almost a month!

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